My name is Quinn Wharton. I am a dancer and a photographer. I live in Chicago, IL.

Having practiced dance since I was 6 years old (you shoulda seen my MJ impersonation), I've been staring at the shapes people and objects make for my entire life.  When I was injured for a few months in 2008, I took a break from dance and taught myself photography.  The lens became a natural extension of my body.

Painting with a lens and capturing powerful moments now defines a part of me. It drives me to continue learning and creating in new ways.  It gives me goals to reach for, and wonderful new ways of interacting with people. I like art and I like gadgets. Making images fits nicely into that intersection.

I would love to meet you, have a deep conversation with you, or try to make some art together.  The best part about what I do is that I get to interact with so many fascinating people.  My goal is to keep making art, dancing, and having a good time doing it all.  

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